Your Life....Your Way.  Plan For It.  Live It.

I am an AXA Advisors Financial Professional with a commitment to providing clients with professional guidance and resources to assist them in working towards financial well-being.

As a representative of a company that is a global leader in financial protection and strategies, I can provide clients with access to a wide selection of products and investment funds which can be personally selected to meet individual portfolio goals.

For over 20 years I have worked in the Financial Services industry helping individuals and families build and implement strategic retirement investment plans. The objective is to structure your retirement portfolio so that it thoroughly meets your goals once you are ready to retire.

Using my knowledge and extensive experience with retirement planning, I am proud to say I am the founder of a program known as the 3-Tier Retirement Strategy. The purpose of the 3-Tier Strategy is to provide a strategic asset allocation approach to retirement planning. By properly structuring your portfolio you may achieve growth, protection, liquidity and income. Utilizing the 3-Tier approach helps me guide you in creating a balance of investment vehicles, specially suited to fulfill your individual needs, while preparing you for fluctuations during all market conditions.

The planning process begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss your current situation and determine what your personal financial goals are.  After we have established your priorities we can then begin structuring a portfolio to help you meet your needs. Throughout the entire process we will work together to make choices before implementing any decisions.

You deserve to live out the retirement of your dreams and I want to help you implement a strategy to help achieve those goals! Sign up for a consultation today or feel free to call me at (703) 205-0361 to discuss how I can help you.