3-Tier Retirement Strategy

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I created the 3-Tier Retirement Strategy as a strategic asset allocation model that seeks to structure a balanced retirement portfolio to help you reach your retirement goals. When structured correctly, the 3-Tier strategy can help your portfolio maintain adequate growth, protection, income and liquidity.

As you can see there are three "tiers" that are utilized to allocate your assets. Each tier has a specific function and purpose:

* First Tier = Liquid Money: The first tier is where your cash reserve will be held. This is the money you will keep in the bank, savings accounts, bonds, etc. It the vehicle used to withdraw funds as needed. For instance, you could use money from this tier to save for big purchases such as a new car or for going on vacation. The purpose of the first tier is to help ensure you always have available "liquid" funds to cover expenses.

* Second Tier = Guaranteed* Income WITH Growth: This tier is what I call the "workhorse" tier. The purpose of the second tier is to use the market for investing assets but with the additional benefit of providing a "protective wrapper" around your investment. In terms of what this means for you: Your assets will be invested in the market. HOWEVER, those assets will be "protected" by the backing of an insurance company providing financial strength and solid investment strategies.

The second-tier is unique. If you chose to have a consultation with me to discuss the 3-tier Strategy I can explain how the 2nd-tier works in more depth. However, the goal is that you NEVER have to withdrawal money from a depreciated market.*

* Third-Tier = Investing: The 3rd and final tier is purely used to invest your assets in the stock market. This tier is where you allocate your funds in stocks, mutual funds, ETF's, etc., thus subject to the fluctuations of the market. Making withdrawals from this tier will be advised depending upon market conditions.

*I want to stress that I understand every situation is different. Therefore the 3-Tier Strategy is NOT a generic formula. Rather, it is a model I utilize to best assist you in allocating your assests to create a balanced retirement portfolio based on your specific goals, needs and objectives. I can promise you no two 3-Tier strategies are the same!

If you are interested in learning more about the 3-Tier strategy and how each tier works in conjunction with the others to help create a balanced portfolio, please feel free to sign-up for a complimentary consultation indicating your interest.  When we first meet I'll want to obtain some information on your current financial situation and what your goals and objectives are for retirement. I can then offer my professional guidance on the various options available to you and how the 3-Tier strategy could possibly help you implement a plan towards your future retirement.

I look forward to the chance of helping you achieve the retirement you deserve!

* Guarantees are backed by the claims paying ability of the issuing company

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in declining markets. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio, or that diversification among different asset classes will reduce risk.

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